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    β-Carotene Oil


    β-Carotene Oil

    Product Name:β-Carotene Oil

    【Physical and chemical properties】:This Product is made by suspending through 40# Sieve(US);β-Carotene in Vegetable Oil,and its made by adding the appropriate antionxidants,which is easier to oxidize .
    【Product Indicators and appearance】:Red to Brown Viscous Oil 
    【Contents】(Based on C40H56):≥30.0% 

    【Applications 】: Use for food fortification

    β-Carotene as a edible Oil ,Due to the difference in density ,The Own color can Cover the red to yellow and the all colors ,So its very popular in the food industry .its very suitable for the development of oily Products and protein products,for example :margarine、capsules、condensed fish paste products, vegetarian products, instant noodles, etc.The β-carotene treated by microcapsules can be converted into water-soluble pigments.In addition, β-carotene its very important in feed, cosmetics, etc.You can added it by Product situation or the nutritionist's suggestion .
    【Storage】: Cooland dry ,Below 15
    【Package】:Be Placed light-proof and airtight container ,Aluminum Bucket inside,Carton outside .
    【Expiration date】:24 months